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How to Cancel Your Mary Kay Contract

As a Mary Kay consultant, you may find that you no longer wish to continue selling the popular beauty products. Whether you are moving on to other opportunities or simply no longer interested, canceling your Mary Kay contract can be a confusing process. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here`s how to cancel your Mary Kay contract:

1. Review your contract

The first step to canceling your Mary Kay contract is to read through your contract carefully. Pay attention to any clauses related to cancellation and make note of any specific requirements or fees that may apply. You may also want to review any training materials or information provided by Mary Kay to ensure that you have fulfilled all of your obligations as a consultant.

2. Contact your sales director

Your sales director is the best person to help you cancel your Mary Kay contract. They can answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process. Contact your sales director by phone or email and let them know that you would like to cancel your contract.

3. Return any inventory

In order to cancel your Mary Kay contract, you will need to return any inventory you have on hand. Your sales director can help you arrange for the return of your products, and may be able to assist you with any associated fees or charges. Be sure to follow any instructions provided by Mary Kay regarding the return of your inventory, as failure to do so could result in additional fees or penalties.

4. Complete any necessary paperwork

Depending on the terms of your contract, you may need to complete additional paperwork in order to cancel your Mary Kay contract. This may include signing a cancellation agreement or submitting a written notice of termination. Your sales director can provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the process.

5. Follow up

Once you have completed all of the necessary steps to cancel your Mary Kay contract, be sure to follow up with your sales director and with Mary Kay headquarters to confirm that your contract has been canceled. Keep a record of any conversations or paperwork related to your cancellation, in case there are any issues or disputes that arise in the future.

Canceling your Mary Kay contract can be a straightforward and painless process, as long as you follow the proper steps and work with the right people. By reviewing your contract, contacting your sales director, returning any inventory, completing any necessary paperwork, and following up, you can successfully cancel your Mary Kay contract and move on to new opportunities.