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What Is a Guardian Home Contract

As a potential guardian home for a breeding dog, it`s important to understand the terms and conditions of a guardian home contract. A guardian home contract is an agreement between a breeder and a family who will provide a loving, permanent home for a breeding dog. The contract outlines the responsibilities and benefits of both parties and ensures the health and well-being of the breeding dog.

Responsibilities of the Guardian Home

As a guardian home, you`ll be responsible for providing a safe, healthy environment for the dog, including food, shelter, exercise, and veterinary care. You`ll be required to follow the breeder`s instructions regarding diet, exercise, grooming, breeding, and health care. You`ll also be expected to keep the dog on a strict schedule for breeding purposes.

Benefits of the Guardian Home

In exchange for providing a loving, permanent home for a breeding dog, the guardian family receives a discounted or free puppy from the breeder`s litters. This arrangement allows the breeder to expand their breeding program while ensuring that their dogs live in a loving home environment, rather than a kennel. The guardian family benefits from the companionship of a well-bred dog, without the expense of purchasing a puppy.

Breeding Requirements

Guardian homes are selected based on their ability to provide a healthy environment for the breeding dog and their commitment to following the breeder`s instructions regarding breeding. The dog will be returned to the breeder for breeding purposes, and then returned to the guardian home afterward. This arrangement ensures that the dog is not overbred and that the breeder`s breeding program remains on track.

Health and Veterinary Care

The breeder will cover any necessary veterinary care related to breeding, such as the cost of an ultrasound or C-section. The guardian family is responsible for routine veterinary care, such as vaccinations and regular check-ups. The breeder will provide guidance regarding the dog`s health and well-being, and the guardian family is expected to follow their instructions.

Termination of the Contract

The guardian home contract is a legally binding agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the arrangement between the breeder and the guardian family. The contract will include provisions for terminating the agreement, including situations where the guardian family can no longer care for the dog or where the breeder decides to terminate the breeding program.

In conclusion, a guardian home contract is a mutually beneficial arrangement between a breeder and a family that provides a loving home environment for a breeding dog. By understanding the responsibilities and benefits of the arrangement, the guardian family is able to provide the best possible care for the dog while benefiting from the companionship of a well-bred dog.